Tuesday, July 17, 2012

United Airlines close mile high club

United Airlines are taking a step closer to being called Non-United Airlines by clamping down on passengers using the airplane toilets to join the infamous mile high club, with their 'No Double Occupancy' rule.
United Airlines ban 'Double Occupancy' of their toilets
The mile high club is a euphemism for people who have had sex on an airplane during a flight, and usually takes place in the toilet in coach class.

United Airlines have taken steps to prevent flyers making their own in-flight entertainment by using video surveillance to externally monitor restroom usage and training the flight crew to be aware of potential 'clubbers' and keep an eye on them.
United Airlines Mile High Club Badge
According to UA spokesperson, Lawrence Dietz, there are many reasons for imposing the mile high ban. "The unnecessary occupation of an in-flight restroom is an inconvenience for other passengers, who may have a legitimate reason to use the toilet," Mr Dietz told us. "There are also hygiene and safety issues resulting from couples performing sexual acts in our toilets during a flight."

Very few people we have spoken with are able to provide us with a valid reason as to why United Airlines should not impose the Double Occupancy Ban. The best response was from the mother of a toddler who claims she would need to assist him on the potty and that people in this, or similar situations should be excluded from the ban.

What do you think? Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Should people be able to monopolize the restrooms having sex, while people have to wait to pee? Incidentaly, I am not yet a member of this club.


Richard Branson said...

I am a member of the Mile High GOLD club, having had sex, in flight, in the cockpit with two stewardesses at the same time.

Jeremy Renner said...

I was bummed to find out that after popping a viagra on a recent international flight that I had no opportunity to take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

There's barely enough room to poop in there, much less have sex with a fat chick.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Chris Farley in them bathrooms I can't imagine banging a fat chick in there. The door would end up busted off.

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