Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Movie of the Month - The Machinist

2004 R 101 minutes

NETFLIX SAYS - Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) hasn't slept in a year, and his physical and mental health have eroded. So when cryptic notes pop up in his apartment and he has visions of a co-worker nobody else can see, is it reality -- or just the next level of insomnia? His call-girl girlfriend (Jennifer Jason Leigh) seems to be the only bright spot in Trevor's quickly deteriorating world. And he, too, seems to be breaking down.
The Machinist
MENAJ ATTWAR SAYS - Christian Bale is a modern movie method man. He emaciated himself for this role, dropping down to an astonishing 120 pounds. There is no way his character, Trevor Reznik would ever be mistaken for the bulked up Bruce Wayne.

Bale portrays a metal worker who has not slept in over a year, and whose body and mind have all but wasted away. He meets a coworker that nobody else can see and soon begins to doubt his sanity. Shortly after that, things start to get more than a little strange.

Reznik, who is comforted only by the pretty waitress at the airport cafe, and his pay-by-the-hour 'girlfriend' (Jennifer Jason Leigh), descends into a Hitchcock like world of pseudo-sanity. Is he going mad or is someone plotting against him? The post-its on the fridge suggest the latter.
Christian Bale getting 'Supermodel Thin' for The Machinist
Christian Bale getting 'supermodel thin' for The Machinist
Slowly, and with just a few more twists and turns, the truth unravels and the loose ends are tied up and Trevor Reznik can finally sleep.

For the younger readers who have no concept of who Hitchcock was then take a look at movies like Psycho, Rear Window or Vertigo. Hitchcock is NOT a combination of Will Smith movies.

Hitch + Hancock does not equal Hitchcock
This is NOT an accurate description of Hitchcock
The Machinist is an older movie that I needed to revisit in order to rebuild my faith in movies. The other contenders (hardly an accurate description) for November Movie of the Month were Puss in Boots, Zookeeper, Fast Five, Captain America and Blitz.

The story was really very good and made a nice change to recent 'blockbuster' efforts (4/5). The presence of bare naked breasts courtesy of Jennifer Jason Leigh bumped up the boob score (3/5). Considering the cerebral nature of the movie, the action score is lower than your average macho movie but it was also unecessary to make the movie entertaining (1/5). Overall The Machinist scored 2.67/5 on the Penguin scale.

The Machinist 2.67/5
The Machinist 2.67/5

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