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What got slapped 12 months ago - June 2012

It is time once again for our monthly RESLAP of what happened this time last year. We used to do this weekly, but some of us have lives outside of the internet so now it is a monthly occurrence. The concept is simple, it encourages newer readers to delve into the archives and see what we were doing 12 months ago when we were no doubt funnier and more enthusiastic. It also allows us to cross link the archives for better search engine presence. So sit back, relax and enjoy the highlights from June 2012. (HINT: click the titles to read the full story).

June 2012 Reslap montage
June 2012 Reslap Montage
Mitt RomneyJune 6th 2012 - Mitt Romney's third nipple
Mitt Romney was on the verge of becoming the Republican Presidential candidate when we broke this story about his superfluous 3rd nipple. This quickly became one of our most read posts of the moment and is still #7 in the all time list. Mitt, we are sorry if we in any way damaged your campaign for presidency. I guess America is not yet ready for a supernumerary polytheliac in the Whitehouse.

June 8th 2012 - LMFAO buy world's biggest toystore
Party Rockers LMFAO were storming up the charts with unique brand of music and making tons of cash in the process. Rather than snorting all this money up their noses, the uncle/nephew team of Sky Blu and Redfoo decided to invest their money wisely by buying into the world's largest toystore FAO Schwaz. You can almost see the punchline coming before you click to read the story.

Deviant PenguinsJune 11th 2012 - Penguins are sexually deviant
According to a document published last year from Scott's famous Antarctic expedition, penguins are sexually deviant. George Murray Levick, who wrote the paper stated that "Penguins are horny lil fuckers. They will do anything to anything" That's not actually what we wrote but that's the general idea from his observations. I believe that what he actually saw was a very small cross section of penguin behavior and that most penguins are respectable members of the flightless bird community.

June 16th 2012 - Prostitution at the London Olympics
2012 was a big year for international peace, harmony and sport. Or so the Olympic committee would have us believe. London was to play host to the latest round of the quadrennial peaceful, harmonious international sporting event known as the Summer Olympics. One of the biggest pre-event challenges for London authorities was that of prostitution. Click the date to read about what was being done.

June 18th 2012 - Harry Potter actor exposes himself on a train
An actor from the Harry Potter movies was in trouble for exposing himself on a train. You will have to click on the date to read the full story and find out who it was. You know it probably wasn't one of the main characters, and I have already said 'himself' so it can't have been Hermione. Daniel Radcliffe did perform nude on stage in Equus, so who knows...?

June 24th 2012 - LGBT groups protest 'straight' whiskey label
LGBT's are up in arms (again) complaining about the labeling on certain whiskeys. Even though the laws regarding whiskey labeling have been in place for many generations, the LGBT's have finally run out of other things to bitch about and want the word 'straight' to be removed from brands like Jim Beam. As if the word straight is going to stop a homosexual from drinking whiskey.

Magic MikeJune 26th 2012 - Magic Mike
I have only 2 words. Magic Mike. Women went crazy and men went "Yaaaawwwnnn" whenever those words were uttered. Channing Tatum's male stripper movie was a roaring success and not just because of naked, glistening musclemen. The movie actually had a reasonable storyline too. This movie went a long way to reinforce the fact that Channing Tatum needs to be taken seriously as an actor. Naah, im just kidding. If you want real acting, look up Pacino or DeNiro, if you want a guy who takes his shirt off a lot, look up Tatum or Wahlberg.

June 27th 2012 - Hooters for women
For years men have been frequenting the casual dining restaurant known as Hooters, 'for the wings'. Now the age of equality is upon us and we women have our own equivalent known as 'Peters'.

Pierced PetJune 30th 2012 - The disturbing trend of pet piercing
Many people out there enjoy embellishing their bodies with tattoos and piercings to express their individuality. (Ironic individuality since 68% of people between 18 and 40 now have at least one tattoo). Extreme piercers are slowly running out of places to puncture and are expanding their metaphorical canvas to their pets. We reported on some of the horrific cases of pet piercing.

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