Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hooters for Women

Have you ever been to a Hooters restaurant? Well if you haven't then you are missing out on some great wings, and some reasonably attractive serving people wearing tight white shirts and tiny orange shorts, trying to earn enough tit tip money to get them through college.

Hooters - much more than tits and ass
Hooters - much more than tits and ass
The concept of Hooters seems somewhat sexist and dated with their image firmly planted in the 80's. The Hooters chain was launched in Florida in 1983, so the image of skimpily clad servers is hardly suprising. What is shocking is that they are still going strong with minimal opposition and have expanded to over 450 locations.

Finally, after almost 30 years, equality is on the horizon. Given the success of '50 Shades of Grey' and the potential blockbuster status of the new movie, Magic Mike, business people are realising that sex crazed women have disposable income too.

Opening on August 3rd in New York's Times Square is the largest female oriented restaurant in the United States, called Peters.

Peters - unconfirmed logo
Peters - Hooters for Women
The concept is just like an alternative dimension Hooters, reflected about the sex axis. Hoards of women cram their way inside to enjoy muscle-bound male servers in tight shorts and small shirts, bringing them hot wings and cold beers.

Peters auditions every Wednesday at Yankee Stadium
Peters is still recruiting (male) servers, so if you think you have what it takes, auditions are being held every Wednesday morning from 11am at Yankee Stadium. Although Peters is launching only one restaurant for the moment, they have tentative plans to go nationwide in 2013 with 3 more outlets, depending on the success of the New York store. I couldn't get a firm answer, but L.A., Chicago and somewhere in Texas were hinted at as future Peters cities.

Ladies, would you eat at a Peters restaurant? Guys, would you take your lady to a Peters if she wanted to go (for the wings)? Drop your thoughts in the comments section.


Amy Adams said...

I don't like the way you belittle Hooters servers. I once worked a Hooters as a means to pay bills, and the tips were very good. It's not all about having big boobs because mine are not all that big. It's all about the personality, and the service.
Now I am a famous actress but I am still proud of my time at hooters

Anonymous said...

I would love to frequent an establishment catering to women in this regard. I've discussed this with many women who really like the concept!

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