Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bubes Says - Stay away from him, YOU BITCH

Hi people of Earth, for those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Michael Bublé and I am a recording artist and an international superstar. However when I am not busy in the studio or being rich and famous around the globe, I like to get into some kind of adventure. This week, believe it or not, I recreated those happy times I spent as Sigourney Weaver's stand-in and stunt double when she played Ellen Ripley.

Bubes Says - Stay away from him, YOU BITCH
That's right Alien Penguins. Leave Stephen Hawking alone
I have just spent the last 12 hours rallying the rebels and rescuing Stephen Hawking from the clutches of the evil Alien Penguins. With the help of Joaquin Phoenix, some Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' hot sauce and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, I snatched our fearless rebel leader, Stephen Hawking, from the point of execution and between us we kicked some alien penguin ass. We kicked it all the way back to the Forsteri galaxy with a note saying, "Don't mess with planet Earth".

Stephen and Sheldon And BW3 blazin'
The rebel heroes, Stephen Hawking, BW3 blazin' and Sheldon Cooper
Unfortunately, Joaquin Phoenix did not get out alive, and his sacrifice will be mourned. His memory will live on with the news that the evil penguin race has been defeated, and the human race is once more dominant. More importantly the websites that they commandeered, Napster, AOL and Slap the Penguin will revert to normal and receive traffic totaling less than 100 visits every week.

You're Welcome.

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An Historian said...

That has to be the absolute worst head-swap since Elizabeth 1st changed her mind about executing her Cousin Mary (Queen of Scots) and had her head stitched onto the decomposing dead body of Thomas Plumtree.

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