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What got slapped 12 months ago - September 2012

by +Tina Cruris

Welcome to September, as usual on the first Sunday of the month I get to take you on an historical excursion back through what we were writing about 12 months ago when this site used to be funny. If you have time, compare our current stuff to last year, and then the year before to see how things have gone downhill.

Some of you are seasoned veterans and know how the archive thing works. You have probably already scrolled down and started exploring. For the rest of you, just take my hand and I will guide you personally through September 2012 step by step. If you want more details on any story then click on the title. The original post will then open in a new window so you can read it and find your way back easily.

September 2013 Reslap Montage
September 2013 Reslap Montage
Ian C. was doing some self promotion and reviewing the official Slap the Penguin jersey available for purchase at Why not head over there and buy one, they look good and are very well made.

This was a sad day for the whole world as the death of Michael Clarke Duncan was announced, but on the bright side, MTV said it was axing Jersey Shore after the coming season.

After 18 months of guessing, the producers of Live! revealed Regis Philbin's replacement and everybody except Michael Strahan and Gellman were surprised.

Poor little Pluto, doesn't know if it's a planet or not anymore, and now political correctness has stepped in to add further confusion to the issue.

Brad was getting all excited about his new E-Z Red Ratchets, you know how men are with tools, especially shiny new tools. Read all about what these things can do and how great they are, according to Brad. Personally I would rather get tickets to a New Kids concert.

Disc golf and skeet shooting are two 'sports' which usually don't intersect, except in a dual function park in Wisconsin. Read all about the conflict between these two hobbies as summer ends and fall begins.

The recent revelation about manties (man panties) has made issues like this more common and almost socially acceptable. I gave some great advice to a guy who liked his girlfriends lacy underwear so much that he started wearing it.

A suburban housewife discovers a great reason to run in her local city election; her husband. She discovered he has been fooling around with a female city official while on 'city business'.

The free falling talent show American Idol finally announced the judge line-up for it's newest season. The trio of stars could be dubbed 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' (you decide who is who). Experts said that presenting such a cross section of styles and opinions could be trouble, and they were right.

So many people misread the title of this 8-Bit news story and assumed it was about Kate Middleton being photographed by the paparazzi, when in fact it was about her falling over while rollerskating. Shame on you dirty minded people, go rinse out your brains with bleach.

As the post states, this story was published early to avoid it getting lost in the craziness regarding 1 whole year without Steve Jobs. As it happens things did not go crazy and we could have waited until October 5th after all.

Can you believe that it has been a year since Psy turned the universe upside down with his viral YouTube hit song Gangnam Style. It's amazing what technology has turned us (generic use of the word us) into. We dug a little deeper and discovered that Gangnam Style was not his first attempt to make it big.

Have you ever wondered why so many sports cars are red? Who knows where the trend actually started, but science now has hard evidence that red cars go faster. Follow the link for the explanation.

We were shocked that somebody sent not just a letter of complaint, but a threat of legal action against our website. Some crazy lady was insinuating that we were promoting violence against penguins. You can read the original email and find out what we did about it. The only other legal action we have been threatened with came from Hulk Hogan when we published stills from his sex tape.

Some story about a global pig shortage and how the price of bacon will increase as a result.

After the disturbing news that somebody had photographed Kate Middleton's breasts with an ultra-zoom lens, a Danish magazine has published images of a bottomless Kate Middleton.

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