Monday, September 23, 2013

Bubes Says - Elton did not know that Liberace was gay?

Hello again ladies, Bubes is back and I am fresh from the Emmy's. So fresh in fact that I am here 2 days earlier than usual. For one week only, my post is trading places with the weekly Random Penguin Fact. SO here is an awesome picture of me just before I performed Elton John's tribute to his hero, Władzio Valentino Liberace.
Bubes Says - How did Elton not know Liberace was gay?
Even with photoshop the Elton wig looks fake
Elton named piano-playing poofter, Liberace as his inspiration for learning to play piano, and for his flamboyant wardrobe, but surprisingly exclaimed that he didn't know about Liberace's 'lifestyle'. Umm, Yeah, OK Sir Elton.  Did you know about Boy George and George Michael? Was it the movie name that gave it away, 'From behind with the candelabra'?

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