Monday, September 24, 2012

Science proves that red cars go faster

Why is it that the majority of sports cars are red? Science has now proven that red cars actually travel faster than any other color car.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
A red sports car - I think it's a Ferrari
It is a commonly accepted fact that different wavelengths of light refract at different angles when they pass through a medium. You have probably seen the science experiment invented by British rock band, Pink Floyd, where a beam of light turns into a rainbow when you shine it through a glass triangle.

A prism breaks white light into varying wavelengths of colored light
The dark side of science
The principle that you see above is the same one which slows down cars as they drive through the medium of air. The diagram shows that the color red is refracted or pushed off course the least meaning that they are able to drive in a straight line with least resistance. The more a car is knocked off line the more power is needed to keep it on line, hence the car moves at a slower speed.

We asked various sports car manufacturers for their thoughts on this scientific proof, and heard back from Guida Stronzo, spokesman for Ferrari, who told us, "We knew-a all along that-a red cars are-a faster, just-a look at the color of our-a cars. We make-a the fastest and-a the bestest cars in-a the world-a and we paint-a them red as-a standard."

Lamborghini did not give us a statement but they did send us the following graph showing the percentage of color choices made by their customers.
Graph of Lamorghini colors
Percentage of colors chosen by Lamborghini buyers
We also asked various sports car makers and dealers to loan us some cars so that we can independently test this scientific fact, and so far nobody has responded to our emails, not even Kia. If anybody reading this is able to donate 4 identical sports cars of varying colors for testing purposes, we would gladly mention you on our pages.

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The Sarge said...

Thank you for this. You have confirmed what I have believed all along. Brilliant!

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