Monday, September 17, 2012

8 Bit News - Kate Middleton Topples

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Welcome back to the world of 8 Bit News, the feature which allows us to focus on the story without being distracted by glossy imagery.

Today we are looking at how (princess) Kate Middleton is taking one for the team in an attempt to deflect the media glare from her brother in law, Harry.

You may remember just a few weeks back, naked pictures of Prince Harry at a Las Vegas bachelorette party were leaked and spread all over the tabloids and the interwebs.

an 8-bit rendering of an image of an alleged Kate Middleton sunbathing topless
Kate Middleton topless
This week, 'The Royals' are fighting to keep semi-naked pictures of Kate Middleton from the very same tabloids and internets, although they don't seem to be having much luck.

According to 'Closer' the French magazine which first published the images, the pictures were taken from a public right of way and Kate Middleton was in full view to numerous cars and pedestrians.

A pixelated picture of Kate Middleton sunbathing on a yacht
The lovely Kate enjoying her ample leisure time in the sun

The lovely Kate is no stranger to the camera lens or sunbathing, as she has been snapped numerous times enjoying her ample leisure time in the sun.

Oh Crap! I spent 20 minutes writing this and have just realized that the headlines says 'topples' and not 'topless'. Oh well, here is a picture of Kate Middleton toppling over while rollerskating.

Pixelated image of Kate Middleton laying on the floor wearing rollerskates
Kate Middleton topples
Update: More Kate pictures here

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