Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dear Tina - I caught him in my underwear

Dear Tina, I have been in a relationship with my man for nearly 3 years. We live together and enjoy a healthy and frequent sex life. The other day, he had a day off and I had to return home from work to pick up my cell phone charger and I caught him parading around our bedroom in my lacy underwear.

I thought that if this ever happened to me, I would be totally disgusted, but I found it to be quite a turn on. He was totally embarrassed at first but once he realised how hot it made me, he quickly settled down. We had some of the hottest sex ever that day, and now he wants to wear them all the time.

Tina, please help, what should I do?

Girlfriend of Pantyman.

Thanks for the email (and the picture), GoP. I am pleased that you found the positives in this situation. If I came home to find my man wearing my underwear, I would kick him out in the street and let the neighbors see what he gets up to when I am not around.
  1. He has no right to violate the domain that is my panty drawer.
  2. My sexy undies are not designed to support a penis. I don't need any man-junk stretching out my lacy gusset.
  3. What makes him think he looks better in them than I do?
In all seriousness, there is nothing wrong with swapping underwear for a thrill and it sounds like it really thrills both of you. However, I do have a concern regarding the smaller size of your undies being a little constricting for your man's manhood, so I would suggest going shopping for some larger sizes or jumping online to buy some manties or man-panties like these I found on
Man Panties
Manties on
And grab some nice manly boxer shorts for yourself while you are there.

I just want to say, it's nice to be back with the advice column after such a long layoff. If you like reading Dear Tina then help me out by sending your problems (or your friend's problems) to the email below. Everything is handled confidentially, and all names are changed for the protection of the parties involved, so what are you waiting for?

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