Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wife challenges husband in local election

The city council election in Maywood, California just took a surprising turn when Linda Diek added her name to the race. It's not unusual for a married middle class woman to want to do her part and fight for a place on the city council. What makes this unusual is that she is in direct competition with her husband, Larry Diek, who has served as a council member for the last 12 years.

A house displaying yard signs for both Dieks
Conflicting yard signs in Maywood, Ca.
We spoke with Linda Diek on the phone and asked her why she is running directly against her husband, to which she replied, "My husband has been a fine, upstanding councilman for many years, but his views are starting to get old and tired. What Maywood needs is a fresh approach! The future of our great city depends on making progress, not relying on old ideas which have become stale and worthless"

We countered that by asking if she would have considered running if her husband was not already on the council. "My husband has devoted many hundreds of hours to the running of our city over his 12 years on the council. At times, it seemed like he spent more time at meetings than he did at home raising our 2 sons, but I knew he was doing important work, and now that our sons are grown, I want to devote my time to doing an even better job on the council."
Conflicting Vote for Diek signs
Conflicting Vote for Diek signs, both paid for by Larry
Mrs. Diek, in typical political fashion totally avoided our final question, which challenged her motives for running. We asked her if the recently uncovered news about her husband, Larry's 9 year affair with a fellow council member prompted her to run against him. "My reason for running is purely for the benefit of the city and I will not let my personal life interfere with my duties on the council. Our marriage is still strong and the fact that he [Larry] is financing my campaign out of our joint account is testimony to that."

In the interest of equal time, we offered Larry Diek an opportunity to state his case, but so far he has declined to talk to us.

While researching this story, I came across a facebook page of a totally unconnected Larry Diek. The irony of his entry for 'Studied at' prompted me to post this screen capture.

Larry Diek facebook profile
this is way TO funny

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