Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Regis replacement causes ructions

It has been 18 months since Regis Philbin deserted Kelly Ripa on the Live! show, opening speculation as to who would be his replacement. Back in January 2011 we announced exclusively that Tracy "Ice-T" Marrow would fill Regis's shoes [story] .
An old graphic from Live with Regis and Kelly with Ice-T superimposed
This is how it was going to be
Then just as Ice was getting set to take over, Michael Strahan hustled in and took the stool next to Kelly this Tuesday morning, leaving Ice out in the cold. According to sources, Strahan had been in secret negotiations with Live producers since March 2012 when Fox kicked him off their NFL Sunday show.

Fox cancelled Strahan's contract after he guest hosted with Ripa and demonstrated a "way too effeminate" nature, so Strahan secretly pushed to make his hosting a permanent position. His negotiations were so secret that even Kelly did not know about the deal that he struck with Gellman until it was announced live on air.
Live with Kelly and Michael still
"You're not Ice-T! Where the Fu©k is Ice-T?"
Strahan spent his first few moments on the show thanking everybody, including God, the Pope, the chief commissioner of the NFL and his cat, Mr Tinkles. He then continued by saying a fond farewell to his NFL Sunday co-anchors, saying he has moved on to something bigger and better.

Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan
Strahan has moved on, sorry Terry

Ice-T was not available for comment, claiming that he was way too busy with other projects to discuss the trivialities of daytime TV. He really didn't need to comment, the look on his face said it all.

Ice-T in a classic rapper pose
The face says "Imma bust a cap in yo ass, Strahan"
Michael Strahan has also declined to comment directly on the Ice-T situation saying that contractual obligations prohibit any discussion to that end. Again, words were not really necessary because the expression said it for him.
Strahan and his gap-toothed laugh
The face says, "Suck it, Tracy"
Do you think Michael Strahan will turn out to be a good choice as Kelly's co-star? Was Ice-T treated unfairly? Has Kelly Ripa got ugly, granny legs?
Share your opinion in the comments section.

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