Monday, September 3, 2012

MTV to cancel Jersey Shore

With the 6th season of Jersey Shore about to hit our screens on October 4th, MTV (which now stands for Moronic TeleVision) have announced that this season will be the last. Personally, I am surprised that it made it this far, however, my job involves me thinking for a living. After this picture of Snooki, Pauly D and the crew, we will examine the circumstances that led to MTV making this earth shattering decision.
The cast of Jersey Shore at a seafood bar
The cast of Jersey Shore with a combimed IQ of 78
One reason for the show going away has to be the recent birth of Snooki's baby, Lorenzo LaValle (LaValle being French for The Valley, no doubt a reference to his mother). Snooki no longer has time to be a mother, party, do her other show with JWoww AND be on the Jersey Shore. The show wouldn't be the same without her.

Jersey Shore has been slapped a few times before:
Other key players who have overcommitted are Pauly D, who has two side projects running; JWoof JWoww who is starring with Snooki in another TV series and Michael Sorrentino who is trying his hand at Situation Comedy.

MTV executives also suggest that there is no space in the schedule for any further seasons of Jersey Shore thanks to an exciting line up of more reality TV shows and absolutely no music videos.

However, the primary reason for the cancellation is the decline in viewers over the years. While 'fresh and exciting', the Jersey Shore drew in almost 9 million viewers for a single show during season 3. This has since declined to around 5 million per show during season 5. The producers have said they want to "go out on top" and not wait until the popularity of the show totally stalls.

We asked our guest entertainment correspondent, Honey Badger about the end of Jersey Shore.

Honey Badger pondering how he feels about Snooki and Jersey Shore
Honey Badger doesn't care. He don't give a shit.
I'm with you Honey Badger. 

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