Friday, September 20, 2013

Katy Perry let herself go since Russell Brand

by +Tina Cruris

International music celebrity and glamorcat, Katy Perry has been in the cross hairs of many a paparazzi's lens since she first hit the big time back in 2008. Her breakout single "I kissed a girl" got rave reviews and a star was born.
Katy Perry kisses Russell Perry
"...I still like it though"
Katy had been singing for almost 10 years under her real name Katy Hudson without any major success, and suddenly she was spotted; snapped up, remodeled, renamed and BOOM! She became every young man's wet teenage dream (and some old men too I wouldn't doubt, Brad).

It didn't take long for 8 foot tall British comedian, Russell Brand to catch her eye, and soon they were dancing and romancing and getting married. Katy's success continued to grow and the constant media attention and international tours put a definite strain on their marriage. Especially when Brand was refused entry to Japan where Katy was performing, on the grounds of his criminal past.

Eventually things got the better of them and they called it quits and divorced. Brand went back to the UK to live with his mom and Katy continued her career here in the states, but she didn't quite have the same sparkle as before. It seemed that Russell had stolen a little bit of her mojo, and Katy began to let herself go.

Katy Perry, before and after
Spot the difference
Since the demise in her visual appeal, Katy has been doing mostly voice over work, including 3 Smurf movies, the third of which is set for release in 2015 and should go straight into DVD clearance bins in Walmart.

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