Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bubes Says - iOS 7 - Still two steps behind Android

Hello Bubes fans, today is the release day of Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. Being a major celebrity, I was given the opportunity to preview this momentous and life changing software update. I don't want to spoil anything for you fanboys out there, but it's still not my preferred option.

Bubes Says - iOS 7 - Still two steps behind Android
iPhone - a $500 paperweight
I know that my opinion is not going to sway the minds of millions of Apple fanboys (and girls) out there, but Apple have yet to do anything so truly amazing that I consider a move away from my Android phone. The battle of the systems will no doubt continue ad infinitum with no conclusion on the horizon. 

At least this is a harmless battle until they start weaponizing smart phones. Currently, the iPhone has the lead in the phone weapon stakes, since it is much heavier and would hurt more if thrown at you. There have been leaked rumors that Apple is working on equipping iPhone 8 with a Taser for self defense, but a 2 second 120,000 volt shock would really shorten your battery standby time.

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