Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Highs and the Lowes

by +Ian C

Some readers may know that today, 4/20 is Weed Day and people all over the planet were smoking a joint at 4:20 pm today. The term 420 (pronounced Four Twenty) has become synonymous with smoking cannabis, although the source of the term has been lost in a haze of blue smoke. Some people attribute it to a police code for Marijuana smoking in progress, but the most accepted version of the origin is that 4:20 was the time that a bunch of San Rafael High School kids met on a hill to smoke and get stoned in the 70's.
A universal joint
A Universal Joint
Disclaimer: As a responsible satirical news blog, we do not condone the use of any illegal drugs, but we are required to report the news whether we agree with it or not. Drugs are bad, mmkay!

The Slap the Penguin virtual office received an email from somebody (who wishes to remain nameless) which contained a link to a page in the Lowes online weekly ad. We looked at it for a while before we noticed what the concerned reader was pointing out to us. Here is a screen cap of the ad, see if you can spot it too.

Lowes weekly online ad 4/18-4/22
Click the image to zoom for clarity
Did you see it?  Here is the zoomed and enhanced view.

Lowes Pot(ted) Plant
Lowes Pot(ted) Plant. 4/20 only
No wonder Lowes always has a selection of chips and candy stacked at the checkout. Impulse purchase or munchies purchase?

Nobody at Lowes corporate office was available for comment since it was after lunch on a Saturday, but the ad has been taken down since we contacted them.

And now, it wouldn't be Slap the Penguin if we didn't post the following image

A penguin smoking a joint
Stone the Penguin
Happy 4/20 everyone.

1 comment :

Jonah the Stoner said...

Yeah Man. Right On. I was so totally 420ed on that day. Is your penguin called Tux or Tokes? LMAO. Pass the funyuns man.

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