Friday, April 19, 2013

Social Media

by +Tina Cruris

Yeah this is just a blatant plug for our social media pages. You can like us on facebook, or you can follow our twats on twitter. We also share our stuff on Google+.

tweet the penguin
Tweet the Penguin
Subscribing to our Social Media Sources (SocMeds) puts you first on the list to receive the latest news from Slap the Penguin, so you don't have to continually visit the site to see if we have done anything new and exciting. Also if you like our facebook page, you get access to behind the scenes footage and other thrilling stuff (when we roll that out, sometime before 2015). So what are you waiting for? A personal invitation in a gold envelope?

A gold envelope with an invitation
Here is your personal invitation
OK. Here are the links.




and the most important aspect of SocMeds, the 'Share' button
A cher/share button
Cher is a homophone
Now there are no excuses for not Slapping the Penguin.

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