Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool Apologies

On behalf of everybody at Slap the Penguin, we would like to apologize for the thoughtless and dangerous April Fools prank we played yesterday. We are all truly saddened by what happened and our thoughts go out to all the people involved in the incident. None of us actually thought that we, as a satirical news blog who constantly put comedy before everything else (including the truth), would be taken at our word, and that people out there would actually attempt what we fictionally reported on.

April Fools Aftermath
April Fools Aftermath
The images above are only a small indication of the trauma that ensued after people took our poorly devised prank seriously.

Out of respect for everybody concerned, we have taken down the original post called 'Man achieves enlightenment' and removed it from our archive to prevent this kind of incident happening again. The look on the faces of those people should serve as a lesson for everyone not to ever attempt this unthinkable stunt, even when offered money or enlightenment.

Representatives of Caesar's Palace and Celine Dion have declined to comment, except to deny any involvement in the prank and to condemn the actions of those involved.

We are bound by our legal team not to discuss this matter any further, but you may use our comments section to send messages of support to those affected by this unfortunate tragedy.

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