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New Release 4/16/13 - Fall Out Boy

by +Brad Naylor

This weeks new release pick is Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll and is available on April 16th.

Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll
Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll
Save Rock and Roll is the 5th studio release from Fall Out Boy, and marks their return to music after a 4 year break. Fall Out Boy got their name from a character in the popular animated series, 'The Simpsons' called Fallout Boy (notice the subtle difference, Fall Out and Fallout). This CD has so far received a luke-warm response from critics and fans alike. It will no doubt sell well, but will it save rock and roll? Does rock and roll even need saving?

1. The Phoenix - A pumping opener interspersed with staccato orchestral stabs and the incredibly lame line "I'm going to change you like a remix, then I'll raise you like a phoenix" punctuated with a falsetto finish.

2. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) - The first (and should be the last) single from the album. What could have been a simple anthemic punk song is pounded by over the top drums and unnecessary complexity.

3. Alone Together - This could almost be a One Direction/Bieber song if it didn't have that alternative edge. Entirely forgettable.

4. Where Did the Party Go - Where indeed? Oh it went to visit  Adam Levine and Maroon 5.

5. Just One Yesterday (featuring Foxes) - Two things save this song from the garbage pile. Louisa Rose Allen's vocals and the slightly muddy Coldplayish piano track. No wait, I just heard the last 20 seconds of the song and nothing can save it. Ever.

6. The Mighty Fall (featuring Big Sean) - Another stomping anthem which is driven by vocals and rhythmic percussive styles. Almost addicting if it wasn't for the unnecessary clash of styles. Big Sean's rap was totally out of place even though it made me laugh. "Hell yeah girl I'm a dick; I'm addicted to you" (try saying it out loud if you don't get it). That line would be clever if it wasn't so dumb.

7. Miss Missing You - Whoa, someone has been listening to New Order? This disc just took a drastic change in direction, but it is still far from impressive.

8. Death Valley - More distortion and pounding separated by formulaic quiet portions. A by-the-numbers track which will become a classic live song for them.

9. Young Volcanoes - Single #2 shows another change of pace with this acoustically styled track. This sounds just like another song, but I can't think what it is called right now. Either way I hate it. Ooh, it just came to me. It sounds like a more aggressive version of 'We are Young' by Fun. I hate that song too.

10. Rat A Tat (featuring Courtney Love) - "It's Courtney, bitch" screams Courtney Love followed by machine-gun drumming and a lame prose prologue by Miss Love. High tempo, bass driven metaphors follow. Courtney stays pretty quiet through this song (thankfully). Next.

11. Save Rock and Roll (featuring Elton John) - "It's Elton, bitch!", now that would have been funny if he shouted that at the beginning of the song like Courtney did on the previous track. Even with the help of the 'Queen of Rock and Roll' and his piano, Fall Out Boy totally fail in their mission to save Rock and Roll.

The rumor is that Fall Out Boy recorded this album in secret, away from the music industry moguls, critics and fans. The idea was to get to the pure and unfiltered music that comes from within Fall Out Boy. This was an unfortunate choice by the band, because some constructive criticism may well have saved this CD. There is definitely some potential under the surface, and a with a little more polish they could have made this turd a shiny turd.

Brad's standout tracks - 1. The Phoenix, even if the chorus is ridiculous, and 5. Just One Yesterday, but only because of the lovely Louisa Rose Allen (Foxes).

Buy it and make up your own mind and then let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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