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New Release 4/23/13 - Michael Bublé

by +Brad Naylor

This week's new release for the masses is Michael Bublé - To Be Loved and is available on April 23rd.

To Be Loved is the 8th studio album that Michael has recorded and like most of what has gone before, consists mainly of cover versions, although Michael did co-write 4 of the songs on this disc. Michael Bublé is a Canadian crooner who performs in a poppy, big Band jazz style. This CD will rocket to the top of the charts because of his smooth easy charming style and the familiarity of most of the songs on it.

1. You Make Me Feel So Young - This sounds like Michael Bublé has taken the instrumental version of Frank Sinatra's recording and recorded his own vocals over the top while holding a hairbrush and dancing in front of a mirror.

2. It's A Beautiful Day - I listened to this and a music video instantly jumped into my mind. This bright poppy jazz track has an infectious aura of NICE. I saw Bublé half walking, half skipping down a suburban street with a huge grin shaking hands with perfect American families, with a backdrop of balloons a plethora puppies and just a smidgen of smug self satisfaction.

3. To Love Somebody - I don't know if the music arranger read the lyrics or heard any previous version of this song, but it is not meant to sound like this. "Hey Mike, let's do a Bee Gee's song", "Yeah, but I can't sing that high", "That's OK I found one of their earlier tracks", "Great". Actually, it's not great, it's not even good.

4. Who's Lovin' You - This song needs a strong souly voice to carry home and MB just doesn't have it. Maybe he should try not to smile so much when he sings. Another Fail.

5. Something Stupid (featuring Reese Witherspoon) - Another classic song covered by Michael with the help of actress, Reese Witherspoon. Reese proved her vocal talents as June Carter Cash in the movie 'Walk the Line'. So why would the production engineer set her vocals behind Michael's when this is supposed to be a duet?

6. Come Dance With Me - Wow. Just wow. This is purely filler. It actually hurt my ears when listening through my high end studio monitor headphones.

7.  Close Your Eyes - This is easily the best song on the album. It fits his musical abilities so well. I wanted so badly for it to be awful so I could say something funny like "More like Close Your Ears", but I actually like this song. Thanks Michael.

8. After All (featuring Bryan Adams) - Uh-Oh, wailing banshee time [explanation]. Michael teams up with fellow Canadian, Bryan Adams for this up tempo pop track which again barely features the guest vocals. Not a bad song...

9.  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Awesome. Bublé does Elvis. Another tempo switch as we slow down to a jazz backed malt-shop version of this overdone classic. 40+ artists have covered this song across history and this version will no doubt get lost in the mire.

10. To Be Loved - Michael stays in the 50's for the title track of this great steaming pile. Not the worst song on this record, but close.

11. You've Got A Friend In Me - Toy Story fans everywhere will no this song, or at least they may recognize portions of it. I don't know if Michael's singing style was just extremely laid back for this track or if he had too much to drink, but he seemed to slur his way through most of it. I kind of wish I was drinking right now.

12. Nevertheless (featuring The Puppini Sisters) - This did not sound like Bublé singing. A deeper, more defined voice contrasts delightfully with the 50's harmonies of The Puppini Sisters. Although the song did not do a lot for me, the singing was actually pretty decent.

13. I Got It Easy - Yes you do Michael Bublé. Another song written for the vocal talent level of Michael and this is truly the kind of song that he does best. Please stop trying to be a Rat Packer. You are just not good enough. Find your niche and exploit it. Unless this is your are rich and successful after all.

14. Young At Heart - Dammit. I sat though this whole CD to hear your version of Young At Heart by The Bluebells from 1984 and you go and do the 1953 Sinatra version. I want those 45 minutes back.

Bublé told us via his website "My new record is about love, happiness, fun and yummy things...I love the songs we selected this time out. It was also terrific working once again with my songwriting partners". Michael will be performing to middle aged British women for 10 whole nights at London's O2 Arena in June and July 2013 to promote this album.

Brad's standout tracks - Definitely 7. Close Your Eyes and 13. I Got It Easy. Ironically these were both original songs written for the album and not cheesy cover versions which all sound the same. 

Buy it and make up your own mind and then let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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