Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tim Tebow to join The Vikings?

by +Tina Cruris

Second string New York Jets quarterback, Tim Tebow, is now an EX-second string New York Jets quarterback. He was released yesterday by the Jets on the grounds that he wasn't really any good. When Minnesota Vikings coach, Leslie Frazier heard the news, he immediately contacted Tebow's people and offered him a position with his organization.

Tim Tebow to become a Viking?
The Vikings and Tim Tebow?
After just 3 minutes of discussion, Tim Tebow declined the job on religious grounds. In a statement today Tebow told us, "I couldn't possibly consider a position with The Vikings, given their documented history of raping and pillaging and the infamous 'love boat scandal'. What they have done in the past goes entirely against my religion, my ethics and at least seven of the Ten Commandments. I absolutely cannot be the Viking's starting quarterback"

In response to Tebow's outburst, The Vikings released a statement of their own. "Starting quarterback? We just wanted a realistic looking tackle dummy"

Where do you think Tebow will end up next season? Share in the comments sections below.

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