Monday, April 1, 2013

April Caption Contest

One of the problems with taking so much time off is leaving people hanging over the results of the December Caption Contest. We will announce the winner of that contest below, but first we launch the April Contest.

Due to the lack of interest in people actually winning the $5 prize, we will not be offering any incentive to play, except for the fun aspect. I can't believe people did not want to win a $5 gift card for doing next to nothing.

All you have to do is leave your funny caption for the following image in the comments section below, and the funniest entry will be declared the winner. You have until midnight (STP time) on April 30th to register your entry.

Slap the Penguin April Caption Contest
Your caption could be here
And now it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of the December Caption Contest.

Whoa! Those are some crazy-looking gills!
Congratulations to Helena Fortissima for her fish-tastic entry. You can see the other entries by scrolling down to the comments section on THIS page.

Thanks to everyone who entered way back in December. It is because of you that we keep doing this.



Helena Fortissima said...

For the last time, WHO left the bath salts lying around?! Fido's trying to rip off my face again!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

New "Twilight" movie to be released...

Anonymous said...


Agit8r said...

Margaret confidently attempted to assert her dominance by establishing eye contact

Benji said...

Don't touch my Frisbee, BITCH

old man Haggerty said...

Those pesky disc golfers had been warned about trespassing on old man Haggerty's land.

Tinkerbell said...

You stupid mutt! You didn't floss this morning..

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