Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Ten posts of 2010

Originally Scheduled for 12/31/10
but you just can't trust some people to get things right

The end of the year draws ever closer and it is the time for being retrospective.

Since the inception of My Twist News Slap the Penguin in July 2010 we have uploaded over 130 posts, and have made at least 7 people laugh (we get fan mail and various comments saying so).

Using a mirror to look back at 2010. Clever.
Oooh, nobody has ever used that mataphor before

The end of year Top 10 post is a great time to thank all of our readers for stopping by (all 11,000+ of you). I personally want to thank the 3 other writers here at STP. Jack, Brad and Tina who have added an extra dimension to the site and made my life somewhat easier, by not having to write the entire thing myself. And a special thanks to John F, who has contributed 2 guest posts.

So, I know you are all itching to know what the top 10 posts of 2010 were. Here they are in reverse order with the post writer's initials and publishing date.

10. Top 10 misheard lyrics IC 9/10/10
  9. NFL Rule on Favre's Penis JS 11/14/10
  8. Dear Tina – My Mom wants to friend me on facebook TC 9/18/10
  7. Product Review – Miller Lite Vortex Bottle IC 7/24/10
  6. No Child Left Behind a.k.a. Lowering the Bar JS 9/2/10
  5. Product Review – Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condom BN 8/23/10
  4. TSA – Todger Scrotum Ass (in that order) BN 11/27/10
  3. Getting to 3rd base with Eva Longoria JS 8/22/10
  2. Playboy Goes With The Flo BN 11/12/10
  1. Ryder Cup 'cigar man' identified JS 10/6/10

I hope you all enjoyed 2010 and here's to 2011


Janene Murphy said...

You've got some good ones up there. Great job. Here's to 2011!

Ian C - My Twist News said...

Thanks JM, the people have spoken and these posts were listed according to the number of visits by MTN readers.

I trust we all have a happy and prosperous 2011.

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