Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jude Law to star as Prince William in new Royals movie

2012 heralds the release of a new movie covering the life and times (so far) of the most exciting Royal personage since Diana, Princess of Wales.
The Royals Banner
The Royals, opens in 2012

Director David Fincher's 'The Royals' stars Jude Law as HRH Prince William and is set for release in May 2012, barely one year after the world's most eligible bachelor is set to marry his sweetheart, Kate Middleton. Although so far unconfirmed, the rumor is that Lindsay Lohan will be faking a British accent, again (remember The Parent Trap?), to play Miss Middleton, much to the distaste of the real Royal family as well as the movie community.

Lindsay and Jude
Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law, soon to be Kate and William
The screenplay begins just after the death of the young Prince's mother, Diana, describing the turmoil his life went through. It then expands on William's college and army years during which he met and fell in love with Kate. All of this happens in the form of flashbacks on the morning of his wedding, while the playboy Prince is recovering from the previous night's bachelor party.
Kate and Prince William
The real Kate and William
Intertwined with William's retrospective is a story revolving around Kate's doubts about becoming the wife to the heir to the British throne. She looks back on her far from humble beginnings as the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, focusing on the challenges of a 'commoner' entering into the royal family and being able to keep up with it's traditions and responsibilities.

The movie culminates with the so far unfilmed royal wedding. The crew are waiting for the actual ceremony to take place in order to accurately recreate dresses, music, transportation and other such details. More rumors are floating around as to the existence of a contingency script should the wedding not go ahead; another reason to hold off on filming the big wedding scenes.

Neither Jude nor Lindsay were available for comment regarding the new movie, and neither would discuss their 'friendship' back in 2007 or how it would affect their current or future working relationship.
Meryl Streep as The Queen
Could Meryl pull off the crown?

Fincher refused to confirm any of the movie's cast, but hinted that an Oscar winning actress will be portraying Queen Elizabeth II and my money is on Meryl Streep.


Janene Murphy said...

Lindsay Lohan? Barf! As for the queen, you've got to remember that Halle Berry and Marlee Matlin has an academy award, too. My guess, though? Cher.

Deray said...

Yaaaawn, this sounds so boring!!! I think I would watch that if I'm at home, sick and it's on TV...maybe!

Jack - My Twist News said...

JM, I think Halle Berry has a better chance of pulling off a QE2 than Cher. I kind of like Marlee Matlin though, she is cute.

Deray, how could a motion picture based around the life of a throbbing young royal on the verge of marriage be boring?
This wedding is the most exciting thing to happen to the royal family since syphilis.

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