Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New CD releases for February 1st

Not much happening here in musicville this week. I am lying, there is lots happening, but most of it is too dull to report here. I have assembled what I consider to be the best of what was available to me at the time. If you have an opinion on anything you see here then leave a comment. Sometimes people have alternate opinions and I would love to hear what you think about my musings. As always, hover over the image for a link to purchase. Enjoy.


Live Forever: The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA September 23, 1980 [2 CD Deluxe Edition]Bob Marley – Live Forever: The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA September 23, 1980
20 classic tracks from Marley's last recorded concert 30 years ago. This collection also includes Bob's musical answer to the question “How do you like your donuts?” - Jammin

The Best Of... The Great American SongbookRod Stewart – The Best Of... The Great American Songbook
Congratulations to Rod Stewart on the news that he is going to be a dad again. He already has more kids than he has had top 10 records, with #8 on the way. Rod is 65 years old and his current wife is a youthful 39, that's 7 years younger than Rod's oldest child.
Among Rod's other talents are singing, and playing soccer. This CD contains the best songs from his 5 Great American Songbook releases from the past 8 years, so it is both a cover CD and a greatest hits all in one.

Musica + Alma + SexoRicky Martin – Musica + Alma + Sexo
Enrique Martin Morales was born in Puerto Rico and was implanted into the boy band, Menudo, at the tender age of 12. He was then outed ousted from the band for being too old at a mere 17 years of age.
This was the point that Ricky Martin was born and began to live the Vida Loca. Then Barbara Walters and Oprah hounded him for the exclusive on him being gay.
Anyway, long story short (too late) Musica + Alma + Sexo translates literally to 'Music to screw your Mother to' and is predominantly sung in Spanish, with a Jamaican feel.

Barton HollowThe Civil Wars – Barton Hollow
This 'stripped down to the bone folk, with the slightest sprinkling of country' offering is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Imagine an acoustic version of The White Stripes with a less abrasive side, more thoughtful lyrics and more facial hair... this is it. This is the first 'Must Own' disc of 2011. Buy it...buy it now.

Until We Have FacesRed – Until We Have Faces
Yet another Christian Hard Rock band struggling to rise to the top of a oversubscribed niche. Note:- this is not sarcasm, there are a surprising number of Christian Hard Rock bands out there. CHR bands  have some great material to work with too, especially when you get into the fire and brimstone of the Book of Revelations.
This disc wins the BEST COVER ART award for the week since it is better than George Michael checking for B.O.

Faith (2 CD/1 DVD Special Edition)George Michael – Faith 2 CD/1 DVD Special Edition
What can be said about George Michael that hasn't already been said? Back in 87, this was George's first venture as a solo artist, and he did it all himself. Wrote, recorded and produced it, and all under contract to Sony, who still own the rights to the recording and are re-releasing it while they can still make money from it.
The re-release was due to happen last year, but naughty George got stoned and drove his car into a store window. The subsequent prison spell made for bad publicity so Sony held off until now.
It truly is a great piece of work and deserves another listen, but should you invest in the remastered 2 disc version with pointless bonus tracks and DVD when the original sounded so good?

Todd Snider Live: The StorytellerTodd Snider – Todd Snider Live: The Storyteller
This guy kinda sounds like a bad version of a 3rd string Bob Dylan impersonator with a head cold. If you have to spend some money, go buy a Dylan CD. You will thank me.


Let's Eat!The Wiggles – Let's Eat
For those of you without young children, The Wiggles are a group of 4 Australian 'friends' who look like Star Trek extras in their primary colored sweaters and entertain the aforementioned young children with simple melodic songs and juvenile slapstick routines both on TV and live on stage.
This disc is 28 tracks of Wiggly fun, with a balance of education and aerobics to ensure your children will be satisfied both physically and mentally. Adults will be ready to snap the disc after the 3rd listen.


Anonymous said...

Your mission statement said your post would be funny.

Ian C - My Twist News said...

Thanks for your concern, Anonymous. May I draw your attention to the disclaimer both at the bottom of the page and on the page link at the top of the page.

Since you are too lazy to enter your name and just clicked the anonymous button allow me to paste the information here.

"This blog and it's contents are meant to be funny. Since funny is a subjective term we apologize if humor was not delivered to the satisfaction of each individual."

Humor, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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