Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting to 3rd Base with Eva Longoria

A fantasy baseball manager has blown his chances of post season super-stardom with a simple (and possibly Freudian) error on his team roster.

Eva/Evan Longoria
What a difference an 'N' makes

Evan is having a great season for the Rays, and could have been having a great season for Foster too. His fantasy stats would have given The Funky Bunch a commanding lead in the league but alas, they are sitting in the cellar.

Foster complained, “The league organizer refused to correct the error, claiming that the computer program would not allow it, since the league had commenced. I tried desperately to make a transfer, but again the computer could not acknowledge the switch. I am totally bummed and my season is wasted.”

Now Mark is looking forward to fantasy football season and is double checking his team before submission to make sure that he doesn't end up with wide receiver Brandy Moss.

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Janene Murphy said...

Too funny! So sad he couldn't get out of his "desperate" situation. On the plus side, she sure knows how to rock a jersey!

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