Monday, January 31, 2011

Facial Hair February

With the exception of Valentines Day and the Super Bowl, the month of February is pretty much uneventful. In an effort to revitalize the four weeks between January and March, Facial Hair February was created.
Beards, nature's contraceptive
Especially in February

We already have Floctober, Movember, Decembeard and Manuary and now we get F.H. February for guys to demonstrate their ability to grow hair on their faces. The rules of F.H. February are simple; the participants must fully shave their face by 10am on the morning of February 1st and then grow a beard. The optional charity tie-in is permitted and in some cases essential, to convince employers of the legitimacy of the event.
Look up a little guys, she has a beard
Facial Hair February: Not just for the guys

The origin of these fiestas of facial furriness is unclear. Some theories point to the men of the colder states growing winter beards to keep warm, while others suggest that the events were created by men who just couldn't be bothered to shave every day and needed an excuse so that they didn't get fired.
Joaquin Phoenix plus guest
He is going to need a Joeed Joacker
(Joaquin is pronounced Wackeen
therefore 'Jo' makes the W sound)
If you need to explain it, it's not funny ! !

Opposition to these events comes mainly from wives and girlfriends, and men who can only grow patchy thin beards. Shaving off the beard before the month's end calls into question the manliness of the participant even more so than patchy or limited growth, especially if it is due to 'spousal' pressure.
Keanu Reeves - His beard is patchier than his acting
Keanu and his patchy beard

The Slap the Penguin crew are having their own Facial Hair February and we will keep you informed about how things are going. Who do you think is going to win?

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Marc said...

I have heard of Octobeard and No Shave November but have never heard of Facial Hair February. I am in!

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