Sunday, November 14, 2010

NFL rule on Favre's penis

For those who are not aware that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is being investigated by the NFL for allegedly sending a picture of his penis via text message to NY Jets employee Jenn Sterger - you are now.
Brett Favre's Penis
Not this kind of rule ! ! - y'all have dirty minds
The NFL have heard all the evidence and have issued the following statement:-

" the matter of sending unsolicited lewd images via mobile telecommunications, we have found that Brett Favre can not be held solely responsible. Mr Favre received a voice message from Miss Sterger which he believed was requesting such an image to be sent. We reviewed and analyzed the message and found it to say 'I would like to see you sacked next Sunday, man you're sick' and not 'I would like to see your sack, text someday, and your dick' as Mr Favre had thought..."

So far the NFL have not discussed the alleged texts from Brett to Jenn and are refusing to comment on what punitive measures can or will be taken against Brett if he is found to have tarnished the good name and reputation of the NFL.

Honestly it's a vegetable
This montage is getting some mileage
Movie about Brett Favre here


Justus Steel said...

genius wordplay with the message.

NFL chief exectutive said...

Thanks, Justus for those kind words. it is not often that people use the word genius in connection with NFL executives. In appreciation of your gesture we have 2 tickets for the game of your choice for the 2010 season at $3 off face value. We will also waive booking and delivery charges. Offer not valid on Patriot's or Raven's tickets.

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