Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break

By +Ian C

It's been a busy year for us so far and we deserve a break so we are taking a week off to recuperate. I know we should have told you earlier, but that's the thing about taking a break - nobody was in the STP virtual office to let you guys know. It's only because I wanted to check the STP email that I actually stopped in.

Literal Spring Break
I can't believe how eerily quiet it is in here without everyone shouting at each other or playing Slappy Bird. Imagine how much work I could get done without all these distractions...

Ok, I am supposed to be on a break, taking a week out of the office. I hope there are no major news stories while we are gone. I would hate to miss anything important like Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman or Tiger Woods being found dead in the Dominican Republic.

See you all when we get back on Monday.

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