Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slap the Penguin Virtual Office

It's been kind of quiet here at Slap the Penguin, and the reason behind it is we are having our Virtual Office redecorated. Brad was pissed because we painted over all of his Wham! and The Human League posters. All the glass and chrome has been taken out and replaced with cleaner, greener furniture.

Slap the Penguin Virtual Office
Welcome to the STP Virtual Office
Normal service will be resumed as soon as the paint is dry, and the dubious stain on the carpet is either washed out, cut out or covered with a rug from Ikea called FÅHRTLÖVER, BUSM or KRÄPP (all on page 17 of the Fall/Winter 2012 catalog). Nobody is owning up to the stain, but I have a good idea who is responsible.

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