Sunday, April 27, 2014

Justin Bieber to be deported

By +Alexa Rankin

Multi-million selling teen pop idol and world renowned trouble maker, Justin Bieber, could be deported from US soil according to a source in the immigration services. He is currently being detained by immigration officials after touching down at LAX following his flight from Japan.

Bieber detained at LAX
Bieber attempts to escape lax security
An official immigration spokesperson told us, "It is routine for US customs officials to detain persons with open criminal cases such as Mr. Bieber. We must be satisfied that he is not going to be a threat or an inconvenience to American citizens, and that may take a while."

Justin Bieber is yet to be face charges of avian ovum assault on a private residence, drug possession, breach of noise curfew laws and multiple counts of aural torture. Any one of these would be sufficient to revoke a Green Card issued to an average Legal Permanent Resident.

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has already gone on record stating that Canada does not want Bieber back and will not allow any vehicle known to contain Justin Bieber to cross the Canadian Border. Many European countries have released knee-jerk statements declaring Bieber as 'unwelcome'. Surprisingly, Germany is not one of those countries; but then they also welcomed David Hasselhoff with open arms.

Barack Obama Whoomp there it is
Whoomp! There he is - Bieber modeled himself on Barack
The question is why has the question of deportation not been brought up before now? And the answer may well be the relationship between Justin Bieber and Barack Obama. It's no secret that Natasha and Malia are big Bieber fans and this seems to offer Bieber a higher level of protection from the reality of his criminal activity. Bieber also cites Obama's style in the 1993 video for Tag Team's Whoomp! (There It Is) as a major fashion inspiration.

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