Monday, April 28, 2014

Nickelodeon publish curse words on website

By +Tina Cruris

Nickelodeon, the worldwide kids entertainment giant, have found themselves in hot water over a word-search published on their popular website which contained a barrage of foul language. - page not available
The word-search was found in the SpongeBob section of their website, which ranks in the top 1000 websites visited by Americans, most of which are pre-teens. Angry parents who actually took the time to supervise their kids' online behavior complained to Nickelodeon and who immediately took down the offending word puzzle and issued the following apology.

"We at Nickelodeon have a longstanding reputation for delivering high quality entertainment and education to children over many generations. We are exceedingly sorry for the gross oversight in the quality of our online programming and have launched a full internal investigation in order to find the root of this problem and to ensure that it never happens again. There that should keep those fuckers quiet."
A poorly road tested word search
Click to enlarge and print to solve
So.... while you were solving the word-search, did you find the offending words which caused distress to dozens of parents? If you didn't, then we have done the hard work for you. Just check out the image below.

3 offensive words in a SpongeBob word-search
Did you find them without help?
I doubt very much that this was an oversight, it seems more like a malicious attempt to embarrass Nickelodeon by a disgruntled soon to be ex-employee.

Thoughts? Comments? Abuse?

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Anonymous said...

how did Nickelodeon get away with that

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