Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Google Glass released to the masses

By +Brad Naylor

Today is April 15th and Google will release (sell) a limited number of their Glass devices to the general public. The first criteria to become a new Glass user is you must have pre-registered for the privilege and secondly you need to give Google $1500.00.

Google Glass - $1500 to be a public beta tester
Google Glass
Google Glass is to the 10's as the cellular phone was to the 80's. The latest technology owned only by poseurs who can't help but show off that they have the latest technology.

I <3 the 80's
"Gotta go it's time for my shoulder pad enlargement"
10's poseur with Google Glass
"OK Glass. Should I get a Venti or a Grande Frappuccino?"
Google have spent years developing this rich person's play toy and just as long trying to think of a great name for it. The front runner for the longest time was Googlespex, with the tagline 'Googlespex - glasses raised to the power of a Google' but developers were concerned that most people wouldn't get the math oriented pun. Then some bright spark said "Let's call it Glass".

Awesome and we can call people who use it Glassholes.

For those new to the concept of Glass, it is essentially a wearable 'computer' which enables you to use certain Google apps and other social media entities with minimal effort. It also links to your smartphone for extended communicative interfacing like voice texting and hands-free phone calls. The unit consists of speakers, a microphone, camera and mini screen which acts like a HUD (heads up display) without obstructing your regular view. The apparatus also contains a battery, processor and storage device in a super light framework.

According to feedback from some demographics, Glass is restrictive to their social life due to the fact that a mirror is required to take selfies. Google developers have said that they will not be tackling that challenge until they have ironed out other more important issues like 'should they make Green Tea available in the cafeteria?'

Let's take a look at the Tech Specs of these Tech Specs.
Tech Specs for Google Glass Tech Specs
Impressive. But what is the battery life like?

Peripheral Vision?
My understanding of peripheral vision
When I was growing up, peripheral vision was the things you saw out of the corner of your eye, now we have Google Glass. Will you become a Glasshole? Will you adopt the wearable Google extension? Will you use it to record video of when a cute girl showing too much cleavage asks you for directions? Are you going to wait for the Apple version, iGlass? Share.

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