Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Onion buys Slap the Penguin for $164

By +Ian C

It is a sad day for readers of Slap the Penguin, as we close our doors on the end of an era. Satirical news giant, The Onion, has bought all rights to Slap the Penguin and relaunched it under the new name, Animal Fight Diaries (shortened to AFD for convenience).

The Onion buys out Slap the Penguin
Say goodbye to Slap
This is a time of change for all of us here at STP AFD. There will be major upheavals in the writing crew with Brad, Tina and myself leaving. Alexa will be the only piece of continuity to carry over to the new format.

Ever since September 2012 when we published our poll 'Slap the Penguin vs. The Onion', they have had their Onion eyes on our site. And just like any big business who gets scared by the competition, they whip out their check book and offer you 25% more than the site is worth, and then either absorb it or dissolve it.

The Onion's Animal Fight Diaries
How AFD will look on it's official launch later today
We will have to wait and see whether they choose the absorb or dissolve option, but either way I am $164 richer, and who knows where Slap might pop up again, once the non-compete clause expires...

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, it's been emotional.

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