Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Can you name 5 Steven Seagal movies?

By +Alexa Rankin

Actor, producer and writer Steven Seagal has just celebrated his 62nd birthday and his 362nd pound this April. Many of you may know that Steven Seagal is an actor and some of you may even know that he is a seventh dan blackbelt in Aikido. "Aikido is the wussiest of all martial arts; there are no offensive skills, it's all about dodging attacks and throwing the attacker using his own body weight and momentum. It requires very little physical strength."

Aikido: Martial Arts for Retirees
Aikido: Making the old and the fat feel tough
What most of you will not know is that Steven Seagal has acted in 45 (forty five) movies in his 26 year acting career. And as the title of this post asks;

Can you name 5 Steven Seagal movies?
Well can you, Punk?

Be honest now, if you named five SS movies let us know in the comments section below. If you didn't then go to IMDB [link] and scroll through the list of his movies and let us know if you have heard of at least 5 of them. We have a poll for you below to let us know how many Steven Seagal movies you have heard of.


ladytigereyes (Naomi) said...

Today you die
Marked for death
Pistol whipped
Out of reach
Above the law
Exit wounds
Fire down below
On deadly ground
Mercenary for justice
Belly of the beast
The foreigner
Attack Force
Maximum conviction
Against the dark
Out for a kill
Out for justice
Urban justice
Undersiege 2 : dark territory
Into the sun
Force of execution
The keeper
A dangerous man
The onion movie
Driven to kill
Shadow man
Black dawn
Hard to kill
The Patriot
Half past dead
Kill switch
Executive decision
Flight of fury

Kirsty Lee Allan said...

You forgot Sheep Impact... the aussie short

Janene said...

I cheated. Though I saw a few of his films back in the day, I couldn't remember any titles. Then I skimmed the list above and "Marked for Death" popped out at me, so I marked "1-5" on the poll cuz I knew Steven Seagal. P.S. I love the two-watch thing! What a crazy dude!

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