Wednesday, April 16, 2014

North Korea declare war on London barber shop

By +Alexa Rankin

The M&M Hair Academy in Ealing is in danger of being nuked by North Korea for insulting its premiere, Kim Jong Un. The West London salon has been using an image of the North Korean leader with the tag line 'Bad Hair Day...' Little did they know that the North Korean embassy is just a 3 minute walk from their barbershop, and they have been under surveillance throughout the month of April.

M&M Hair Acadamy
I didn't even know M&M's had hair...
The advertisement comes in the wake of news that the illustrious KJ-1 has decreed that all male students are required to wear their hair in a style which matches his own. The North Korean army are already required to have the #Un back and sides, and all North Korean women are required to choose from 4 different state approved styles.

The manager of M&M Hair Academy saw an advertising opportunity and took it and here is the resulting poster.

M&M Hair Academy advertisement
It could have been worse...
Kim Jong Um - A Flock of Seagulls
Told you it could have been worse
The only North Koreans who are excused from being KJ-1 clones are the under 11's, which is a blessing for Mrs Seo-Jung Kim and her identical quadruplets. She had such a hard time telling them apart until she came up with this bright idea:

North Korean Identification
This picture is also my PIN reminder
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Dale Brown said...

North Korea would be hilarious if they didn't also do things like, oh, lob rockets around and execute dissidents with flamethrowers.

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