Sunday, December 1, 2013

What got slapped 12 months ago - December 2012

by +Tina Cruris

Thanksgiving is done for another year, which means that the year is just one holiday away from being done. But before we get to the end of the year we have time for one more reslap. Join me for a short ride (and this is a really short ride) around the penguin archives of December 2012.

Seasoned readers will know the drill, but for newbies, just scroll down and read the teaser. Then when you want to know more, just click the headline and be transported instantly* with the magic of hyperlink technology to that story (*we can not guarantee the instantness of your personal system configuration or internet service)
December 2013 Reslap Montage
December 2013 Reslap Montage
December 3rd 2012 - Lindsay Lohan - What Now?
Brad shared a story about one of our favorite celebrities, Lindsay Lohan, who had just finished a new TV movie and had otherwise been out of the news. Watch this space, she is bound to turn up in the news again shortly.

Another recidivist on our pages is Taylor Swift and her serial monogamy. Alexa reported the news that she had just jumped from Conor Kennedy to Harry Styles, and reviews Swifts conquests to date. There is also a poll where you can vote on Taylor Swift's appearance.

I was all excited to report that Princess Kate Middleton was officially pregnant. The guesswork about the sex, weight and color of the baby had already begun. There was also some speculation about whether she was carrying twins.

This was the question on almost everybody's lips. The fan-fiction expansion which was born from the hormonal mind of a twilight fan was about to be made into a movie. Those who actually gave a crap were arguing over which piece of man meat should be cast in the role of Christian Grey. 1 year later the matter is almost sewn up, but you can still vote for who you would like to see in the role.

A token post from our fearless leader which boldly wished Merry Christmas and not some other politically correct seasonal greeting.

That Merry Christmas post marked the beginning of a 3 month break for the STP crew, so I will be getting a break from writing reslap posts until March of next year. Until then have fun bouncing around the archives by yourself, unless I come up with a few themed reslap posts between now and then.

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