Friday, November 29, 2013

Halle Berry releases Christmas Song

by +Ian C

40 something movie star Halle Berry is following in the footsteps of Hayden Panettiere and Gwyneth Paltrow by making that sideways move from the screen to the studio. Halle Berry is taking on the Christmas classic, 'Mary's Boy Child' which was originally a hit back in 1956.

Halle Berry sings Mary's Boy Child
Halle Berry preparing to sing her new single, Mary's Boy Child
Halle Berry is not known for having the biggest or best voice in Hollywood, which is one of the reasons she did not take on the role of a young Aretha Franklin in the planned biopic, so she sought the help of Motown music magician, Berry Gordy for this project.

Those with a keen eye will notice that Ms. Berry modified her name slightly for the single artwork as an homage to the original recording artist.

Halle Berryfonte - Mary's Boy Child
Halle Berryfonte - Mary's Boy Child with a cover of Madonna's Like a Virgin on the b-side
Harry Belafonte, who first recorded the song in 1956, was so impressed by her efforts that he has reciprocated by copying one of Ms Berry's most recognizable roles, Jinx from the James Bond move, Die Another Day. His racy pose also closes a loop which has been developing over decades since the release of the first Bond movie, Dr. No in 1962.

Harry Belafonte in Halle Berry's bikini
Almost too weird for words
Do you think Halle Berry(fonte) will be the Christmas #1 or will the campaign to make AC/DC's Highway to Hell top the Christmas charts win? Share your opinion with us below.

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