Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Liam Neeson returns in Tekken 3

by +Ian C

In 2008 Bryan Mills and his particular set of skills (sounds like a character from Viz magazine) rescued his kidnapped daughter from a bunch of cutthroat Albanian traffickers. Then in 2012, the Albanians tried to take revenge on Bryan and his family and were once again outsmarted by the retired CIA guy. Now Bryan is back in Tekken 3 and this time he must battle against fighters from all around the world in order to defeat the evil Heihachi Mishima.

Liam Neeson in Taken 3
I can't believe I said yes to 'Battleship'
Neeson is no stranger to movies converted from games. He and the rest of the cast sunk without trace in the 2012 movie Battleship, which was extremely loosely based on the board game, Battleship. He has also just completed voicing Good Cop/Bad Cop in the soon to be released Lego movie, called The Lego Movie.

So far nobody except for Neeson and writer Luc Besson have signed on for the third movie in the trilogy. Neeson's on screen wife, Famke Janssen has already refused to come back for Tekken 3 causing Besson to have to re-write the screen play. Without Janssen or Maggie Grace, the daughter, it makes it difficult to have a kidnap thread in the plot, so I am wondering what will be motivating Nesson's character this time around.

Fighters in Tekken 3
Neeson and his 19 opponents
With practically nobody returning from either of the first 2 movies, the makers are looking to find another big name to join Liam Neeson, and have approached John Malkovich to play the role of Heihachi. However, Malkovich is hesitant due to the enormous amount of bulking up required for the role and the effect it might have on his 60 year old heart.

John Malkovich considers a role in Taken 3
Could Malkovich get this buff to portray Heihachi?
Given the setbacks already encountered, it is unlikely that this movie will be on the big screen anytime before late 2016, if it even makes it that far. Watch this space for more Tekken 3 updates.

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Christopher Walken said...

I think they should ask Christopher Walken to play Heihachi, he is an awesome actor.

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