Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is Lindsay Lohan up to now?

+Alexa Rankin

I was reading Tina's reslap post on Sunday and was actually wondering what Lindsay Lohan was up to. Then as if by magic, Google magic, I was alerted to the fact that LiLo has actually been quite busy recently. Not only is she suing the makers of the biggest video game of the year, but she has also announced her engagement.

Young Lindsay Lohan
A young Lindsay Lohan...
Grand Theft Auto V was released September 17th 2013 and within 24 hours had netted over $800 million in sales revenue and according to Miss Lohan had used her likeness for one of the characters. There is much speculation over whether the character depicted on the cover of the game is based on Lindsay's image with many people suggesting that she wishes she looked that good.

Lohan on the GTA V cover?
Lohan in GTA V? What do you think?
My co-writer Brad has played GTA V and he says that it looks "more like Kate Upton than LiLo" and that there is another character in the later part of the game which is much more like Lindsay. According to Brad the character of Lillian Loughlin, bears much more of a resemblance to Lindsay with her slutty orange prison jumpsuit.
Lindsay Lohan or Lillian Loughlin?
Lillian Loughlin from GTA V
Personally, I think she needs to get over herself and not worry about what other people are doing, especially since she has just got engaged to Rob Kardashian. The two have been seen together around town for a few weeks, but according to sources they have been fairly close for a while now.

Lohan and Kardashian engaged
Lohan and Kardashian engaged, but what will Momma Kris say?
Neither Lohan nor Rob Kardashian were available to comment on the recent announcement, but Kris Jenner shared her thoughts with us through an official statement.
"As his agent and mother, I have not given my blessing to this union, Rob has no right to date that crazy train wreck, let alone get engaged to her. She is constantly in trouble with the law and is in and out of rehab and prison. I will not have that woman besmirch the Kardashian name and brand."
Kris Jenner dismisses her son's fiancée
Kris Jenner doesn't want Lohan for a daughter in law 
Do you think Lindsay and Rob make a good couple? Do you think it was a Freudian slip to call Rob Kardashian Lindsay's financé? Do you think that Kris Jenner looks like posh spice in 20 years? Use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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