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The Voice loser blames prejudice for his defeat

It's time for another guest post and this one comes from someone calling themselves KRP-11. Enjoy.

The fifth season of NBC's most popular talent show, The Voice, has recently ended with Tessanne Chin being declared the winner. Even more recently, one of the show's losing contestants has come forward claiming that he was the victim of prejudice which led to his elimination after making the top 5.

the Voice 2013
CeeLo Green, Brad Paisley Christina Applegate and Adam Levine
The complaint came from the audience favorite Cole Vosbury, who was voted off from the final 5 show, says that he was the victim of a negative smear campaign regarding his sex change operation 4 years ago. Cole Vosbury was born Nicole Anne Vosbury in Shreveport, Louisiana, 22 years ago and has battled with gender issues from an early age.

On turning 18 in 2009, Nicole underwent a sex change operation and became Cole Vosbury and with the aid of shots of testosterone grew a magnificent beard to hide his soft girly complexion.

Nicole Cole Vosbury
A real bearded lady,  Nicole Vosbury
Although nobody on The Voice ever mentioned that Vosbury was born female, the news quickly spread around the internet via twitter claiming that he was originally a she and "an abomination in the eyes of God" and saying "Do not vote for Cole Vosbury, she is evil".

A statement from The Voice explained, "We accept the complaint in the highest regard but we are unable to act upon it since the attacks came from a third party. We were aware of the comments on social media but chose not to acknowledge them for fear of drawing unnecessary attention to them."

"All votes cast for the contestants are independently verified and we have absolutely no control or input over who the public vote for, and we cannot influence or alter the results for any reason."

Cole Vosbury's representative told us, "Cole is very upset that he was singled out for this reason which has absolutely no bearing on his musical talent. We would understand if this was the Olympics where transsexual competitors are precluded from competing, but this is a singing contest."

It is obvious that NBC and The Voice cannot be held directly responsible for public opinion, but could they have handled the situation differently?

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