Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Caption Contest

Now that December is upon us we can announce the winner of our November caption contest. It was an uneventful contest with very few entries so picking a winner was easy. You can find out if that was you a little later. First we have to introduce the final caption contest of 2013.

By now you must know how this works, send us a caption for the following image either using the COMMENTS, through our FACEBOOK PAGE or via EMAIL. Make sure you get it to us before the end of the month, contest closes midnight on December 31st.

Here is the picture we want you to create a caption for...

Slap the Penguin Caption Contest
This is the Caption of your ship...
I know this image is going to inspire many awesome entries so make sure you get yours in early to avoid someone beating you to it. If you need inspiration keep scrolling to see last months winner.

Last Month's Winner
I'm so embarrassed. I come all this way and
someone is wearing the same outfit as me!
Whoever came up with this winning caption didn't have a whole lot of faith since they left their name as anonymous (or should that be anonymouse?). Whoever you are anonymous, congratulations. The rest of the entries can be seen by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the comments section.

Thanks for playing.


Morgan Freeman said...

Even with jet propulsion, penguins can't fly

Leslie Crates said...

Too many brussel sprouts for dinner again.

Agit8r said...

From the new film 'Happy Feces'

Helena Fortissima said...

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Unknown said...

This is a classic example of a "Penguin Shart".

Sue Casa said...

I knew that all milk diet was a bad idea

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