Thursday, December 19, 2013

WTF? Cray Cray Adorbs

by +Alexa Rankin

Some of you will have come across the new series of Sprint commercials featuring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell where the two world renowned actors voice act a series of social media conversations. I am not sure if Sprint considered that the roles that each of these men are best known for are amongst cinema's most evil.

Actors from Sprint Commercial
Did Sprint research their past?
Anyway, that is not the direction that this post was originally heading, but sometimes these things jump out at you while you are writing. The point was going to be about why kids today insist on abbreviating everything or in 15 year old girl speak, "abbreve evs". The commercial parodies the txt gen and their compulsion for shortening words. C4urself:

LMAO. That ad is amazeballs; Totes amazeballs. Totes Magotes

Srsly tho, I am not THAT old and not THAT out of touch, but even I had to Google what Cray Cray meant. It turns out that Cray is short for Crazy and Cray Cray means "Absurdly Crazy" or "Crazy raised to the power of Crazy".

I have had to rethink my old version of the English language to accommodate this new word. I can no longer be impressed by the Cray Supercomputer nor can I ever look at a crayfish again without smirking. Crayola now makes me think of greeting a loco Latino, and any nutty person I meet is now '50 shades of Cray'! However, now more than ever, the lives of twin brothers Ronnie and Reggie start to make sense.

Cray Cray Adorbs
All the CRAY things I could think of in the time allowed
Don't even get me started on Totes Magotes...
Totes Magotes
This goat tote is totes adorbs... Totes Magotes
What is your take on this new language? Is technology making us lazy or is this an evolutionary jump? Do I have to forget everything I learned in school like spelling and grammar? Share...


Alex Nagy said...

We may very well have to abandon what we now know as proper English, unfortunately. These are the people who will be our future elected leaders, for good or bad, as well as our future teachers of the English language.

Anonymous said...

Thank God there will still be the law, law school and the need for proper English.

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