Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bubes Says - Ben Affleck, Really?

Hey ladies, sorry about missing last week. I had this great Paul Walker post ready to go, and... well maybe when things settle down. Anyway, this is older news but there is not much else happening. Why is Ben Affleck playing Batman in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman movie?

Bubes Says - Ben Affleck, Really?
Didn't Affleck already screw up Daredevil?
I like Ben Affleck, but he is not really the superhero type and his portrayal of Daredevil proved that. Put him in a beard, rescuing diplomats from the Canadian embassy in Argo and you have Oscar nominations, but  in a cape and a cowl , forget it.

On a side note, there is no way on Earth that Batman could ever beat Superman in a fight, so the new movie is going to be 2 hours of Henry Cavill kicking Ben Affleck's ass.

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L.A. Green said...

He might be a good was better then having puff daddy, p-diddy puffy or whatever he wants to call himself play Batman...he wanted to be Batman in the next role. Sorry Diddy you would ruin Ben doesn't sound to bad huh?

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