Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Taylor Swift Poll - 1 year on

by +Ian C

12 months ago we published a post about Taylor Swift bouncing around from boy to boy after learning that she dumped Conor Kennedy in favor of One Direction's Harry Styles. The rumor is that Taylor uses these romances to get break-up material for her songs. Following on from the long list of ex-boyfriends we tangentially asked readers to vote on Taylor Swift's appearance.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - Hot or not?
We had a comparatively overwhelming response to our poll with 62 people voting so far on how they would rate Taylor Swift's appearance. Options ranged from 'Very Attractive' through to 'Who let the dogs out?' and our readers have spoken.

People vote on Taylor Swift's appearance
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'Who let the dogs out?' is ahead after 1 year of voting with non-committal 'Meh' coming in second. 'Pretty' is narrowly behind that in 3rd spot while 'Very Attractive' and 'Fine in soft focus' are tied for last place as described in the graph above, and we all know that graphs can't lie.
We would like to hear from you whether you agree or disagree with the results of this poll and we are giving you another chance to register your official opinion if you haven't already done so. Come back to visit periodically to see if public opinion has changed since last year.


randykw said...

Has STP actually stooped so low that it 'cares' about what ANY celebrity does, thinks, etc!?!

Ian C - Slap The Penguin said...

Hey Randy... don't spoil the surprise for everyone, but what we do here is called satire.
We don't consider it stooping low, bashing Lindsay Lohan like we did yesterday would be stooping low.

Static said...

Everything on STP is satire?! OMG!!

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