Monday, July 1, 2013

July Caption Contest

Welcome to the second half of the year, and since we are entering a new month then it must be time to launch the July caption contest. Thanks to everyone who entered the June contest; the winner is announced below.

The rules of the caption contest are simple. Look at the picture below and think of a witty tagline or caption to enhance the comedic value of the image. Then enter your caption HERE or in the comments section below. The funnier the caption, the more chance you have of winning. Please do not attempt to bribe the judges by emailing photos of yourself to

Pretty simple, yes? OK so off you go. Contest closes at midnight on July 31st STP time.

Slap the Penguin Caption Contest
The funniest caption will appear here
Need some inspiration? Take a look at last months winner and see what high levels of expectation we have for your entry.
Slap the Penguin June Caption Contest Winner
Husband to wife: OMG, what've you done to Mr. Sprinkles?!
Wife: Make up your mind, will ya? Last night you were begging me to shave my pussy!
We had a few last minute entries which caused me to rethink the winner. We also had some late entries, but they were disqualified for not following the rules. Although I promised myself that blatant pussy jokes would not win, Helena Fortissima phrased it so eloquently, and was beaten into second place last month, so congratulations to her. Randykw came a close second, with a great 'non-pussy' caption To see the other excellent entries, click HERE and scroll down to the comments section.


Agit8r said...

Elephant wet-willy

Food Retro said...

Why do elephants skinny dip? Because they hate the feeling of wet trunks.

Becky Rose said...

Zombie elephant sucks brains out through ear.

EricaB said...

An elephant massage always comes with a Happy Ending.

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