Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2

In the world of Venn diagrams there is a circle of Slap the Penguin readers and there is a circle of people who will be going to see the new Twilight movie on the day of release (11/16/12), and to the best of my knowledge, these two circles do not intersect. In other words: A∩B=Ø (thanks Brad).

Venn diagram for Slap the Penguin and Twilight
Mutually exclusive sets? I believe so
So, where was I going with this? Oh yeah! Breaking Dawn part 2 is the final installment of the Twilight series and our readers are probably unfamiliar with the whole Twilight Saga, so here is a list of links to assist you with your Twilight crash course.

And to understand the relationship between the lead characters, here is a Venn diagram.

A Venn diagram to describe the central Twilight love triangle
Who had sets with who? Bella had a 'union' with both Jacob and Edward
That should be sufficient information to help you catch up with the Twilight Zone. For further discussion I defer to our guest movie correspondent, Honey Badger...

Honey Badger sharing his thoughts about Twilight
We know HoBa; you don't give a shit
Comments, questions? There is a space below, please share.
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