Sunday, October 7, 2012

8 Bit News - Another topless Princess

This is 8 Bit News, a view behind the glossy images which allows us to delve into the meat of the story without the distractions of fancy pictures and graphics.

Today's topic is a continuation of the topless princess scandals. Up to today, 'Princess' Kate has been the center of media attention with her sunbathing escapades [1][2], but now the focus is shifting to another princess who has been caught on camera flashing her goodies.

Princess Ariel has a clam malfunction
Princess Ariel captured during a clam malfunction
Princess Ariel is 7th in line to the throne of Atlantica, currently occupied by her father, King Triton. She currently lives on land with her husband Prince Eric, but since the demise of the Sea Witch, Ursula and her sister, Morganna, Ariel likes to revert back to mermaid form and splash around in the water periodically.

It was during one of these mermaid moments, off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, that the topless photograph was taken. Unknown to Princess Ariel a large wave broke on the rock behind her causing her clam-shell bikini to fail exposing her royal chest to the world. And thanks to a sharp eyed Aussie Paparazzi who snapped the picture, everyone gets to share what was once only for Prince Eric's eyes.

King Triton being his usual crabby self
King Triton being his usual crabby self
So far there have been no comments from either Royal Palace, but sources close to King Triton say he is not happy.

Have we seen enough of these Royal Paparazzi pics? Should there be stricter laws in place to protect princess privacy? Show us how much you care in the comments section below.

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You can see her Arieola

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