Sunday, October 7, 2012

What got slapped 12 months ago - 10/09/11

Welcome to yet another history lesson, or as we call it a 'reslap', or as SEO experts call it 'cross-indexing'. It really doesn't matter what you call it, it is still a way to remind our readers, as well as ourselves what we were getting up to this time last year. Regular readers of this feature know that there are two options,  À la carte and Table d'hôte. For those who don't speak French or visit fancy restaurants then you can create your own meal or follow the menu (read on).

A montage of images from STP 12 months ago
A montage of images from STP 12 months ago
Brad was still doing those new release posts and was poking fun at American Idol runner up, Lauren something-or-other as well as cult icon, William Shatner. The Shatner CD is worth buying just for his version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Following on from that was the story of the Venezuelan mimes assisting with traffic control in the car crazy capital of Caracas, at great risk to their own health and well being.

The hardships of Netflix began about 12 months ago when they tried to fix a system that was broken. First they split the company into two separate entities, one for physical rentals and one for streaming. Then, after complaints from subscribers, they reversed their decision and axed the Qwikster side of the business.

Esquire is a men's lifestyle magazine, which means they publish pictures of nearly naked women punctuated by ads for aftershave, car reviews and news about the latest gadgets. Their November issue is popular since this is the one that announces the Sexiest Woman Alive (SWA) which I suppose is preferable to publishing images of sexy dead women. Last year there was some confusion over who won, hence the last two posts of this week last year, WTF? - Rihanna, sexiest woman alive? and Esquire change their mind. While on the topic of SWA, 2012 was announced yesterday.

Thanks for taking the time to reminisce with us, but you don't have to wait for me, check out the archives any time. Who knows what hidden gems you may find.


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