Monday, October 15, 2012

Partial Tan Bodybuilder or Photoshop Fail?

A bodybuilder partaking in the three-day Arnold Classic Europe bodybuilding event in Madrid, Spain forgot to spray tan his entire head while his body was a delicate shade of overdone hamburger. The difference in color between his head and his body made it look like a really bad Photoshop fail.

A bodybuilder who tanned everything but his head
You missed a spot
I myself am pained with a similar failed Photoshop situation and can empathize entirely with this finely physiqued fellow. To save you the trouble of clicking the AUTHORS tab way up above, I will present my photo here in just a few more well chosen words.

Brad Naylor, studmuffin and Photoshop fail
Brad Naylor, studmuffin and Photoshop fail
We asked tanning expert, Patricia Krentcil, for tips on how to avoid this kind of situation known professionally as 'tantrast' (think tan-contrast). Unfortunately we couldn't understand what she was saying because her face had been baked to the point of immobility. If her mouth moved even fractionally, her face would crack, like some severely overcooked bacon being stabbed by a fork.

Patricia Krentcil - Immobilized Face
Patricia Krentcil - The Tanning Lady
We have taken a shot at getting this photoshop fiasco fixed and this is what we have come up with.

A tanned female head attached to a tanned male body
Now this is more lifelike


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